Iekārtas metrikas

The Dynostar RC3300 is the ultimate dynamometer for professionals involved in diagnosis and tuning on a daily basis. This model is a complete, maintenance-free, advanced roller chassis dynamometer which can handle power up to 950 kW and thanks to the powerful retarder, the dynamometer can be used to test cars with power up to 619 kW (with eddy current brake).

To guarantee optimum grip the rollers are grooved as standard and also can optionally be treated with a tungsten carbide coating.

hardware features:

  • DAS Data Acquisition System
  • Advanced Dyno Station Software package
  • Junction Box
  • Calibration weight
  • Remote controller
  • Instructions and manual
  • CE marking
  • Emergency brake
  • Pneumatic lift device for loading and unloading the car
  • Straps and floor anchors for immobilizing the car

Standard software features:

  • Static power measurement
  • Dynamic power measurement: Roll on, Negative test, All gear, Variable transmission, 
    Fast acceleration, Multiple speed
  • Acceleration test
  • Speedometer test
  • Weather station
  • Power correction to DIN, EEC and SAE standard
  • Automatic braking after completing a dynamic test
  • Real time display of engine speed, power, traction and vehicle speed in software
  • Simulation of roller and air resistances for simulating situations on the road
  • Automatic calculation of losses in the drive line and calculation of power at